A disciplined investment philosophy to achieve performance in the long term

ALENA's investment philosophy, which favours long term performance, recurs to few simple asset management principals considered to be essential for the successful management of a portfolio and which are applied with accuracy and discipline :

  • The implementation of an optimal asset allocation between different asset classes (stocks, bonds, cash...) depending on the investor risk/return objectives.
  • The use of a multi-manager approach combining different styles and strategies in order to improve the performance and reduce the risk of the portfolio.
  • The optimal combination of specific investment strategies to build the appropriate portfolio depending on the clients' performance objectives.
  • The rigorous manager selection and constant monitoring through a disciplined quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • The systematic benchmarking of each manager and strategy against the appropriate index and peers.
  • The privileged access at competitive conditions to the expertise and the investment instruments generally reserved to the institutional investors.
  • The complete and transparent reporting on the investments made and on their performances.

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